A Space with Many Views - Outdoor Technology and How it Impacts Your Home

by Lawrence Walters
outdoor technology

Cultivating your outdoor space can look different for each family. Within the home your backyard is your own slice of nature. A space for games, enjoying your pool, letting the pets stretch their legs but that does not mean it has to be a space devoid of the creature comforts normally reserved for the home. As technology has continued to improve, so too have technologies pertaining to outdoor entertainment; and what was once the peak of tech in the outdoor entertainment space, has begun to find its way into our homes.


Don’t let the sunset mark the end of your evening outside. Create warmth and ambiance at the touch of an app, or at the tip of your tongue with professionally installed outdoor lighting. Something as simple as lighting can often be overlooked in the outdoor space. But miniscule LED track lighting placed in alcoves, or under shelves/bars can create nuanced, elegant effects to keep the fun illuminated until you choose to shut everything down.


The nature of sound is difficult to pin down, anyone with a small Bluetooth speaker has experienced a full sound indoor, carried the speaker outside and then noticed the immediate drop-off in the speaker’s effectiveness. But we all know that enveloping bass and crystalline highs can make an outdoor space feel palatial and comfortable. Maybe your household has a few different tastes when it comes to music. 

Do you want to stream one genre by the bar, and another by the pool, no problem. You can even fire up the entire system to play the same thing when it’s time for a full family T-Swift dance session. Let the experts at AV Imagined combine their years of experience to design an outdoor system to please you, your guests, as well as the neighbors. And while most speakers are not the most aesthetically pleasing objects. There are options to discretely place speakers, and even disguise them as pieces of landscape. Our team is willing and ready to tour your space and create a custom design solution to spruce your space up.


Once your outdoor space has some mood lighting and the pristine sound you imagine. We can take it another step further with a bevvy of outdoor television and projector options. Perhaps you really enjoy the natural look of your space. These projector screens and televisions can be discreet as you want them to be. At AV Imagined we can recess a TV fully into a stone fireplace, work with a custom builder to have a TV appear from a piece of weatherproof furniture, or even have a screen and projector descend from your elegant pergola. If you can dream it up, the experts at AV imagined will go to tremendous lengths to realize those dreams for you.

At AV Imagined we are invested in realizing your visions to create the experience at home you have worked so hard to attain. We understand that utilizing an integrator may not be a familiar experience. But just as we trust other experts to design or work in our homes: architects, electricians, plumbers. Consider giving our expert team a chance to realize the full potential of your home.