Audio Visual Solutions and Strategy for Commercial Projects of Metro Detroit – Case Study with The Hudson Café

by Lawrence Walters
The Hudson Cafe

Opening a new business can be a huge undertaking – and it requires great care for the various deadlines, vendors, and logistics.  Low voltage electronics and infrastructure require their own level of care and futureproofing.   

Every business or commercial space has its own unique opportunities, challenges, and solutions.  At AV Imagined, our mission is to understand your needs and pair you with the perfect audio video solution.   

The Hudson Café recently opened three locations across Metro Detroit – one in Detroit, Northville, and the newest location in Troy.  Although each location shares common audio video goals, some locations have specific requirements unique to that location. 

Our Relationship Managers and Engineers listen acutely to your goals and needs to design a perfect system to complement the desired experience.   

Top 5 AV Solutions for Commercial Projects of Metro Detroit 

1.  Audio Systems  

2.  Video Systems 

3.  Private Event Spaces 

4.  Digital Signage 

5. Networking 


During the construction phase, our team pre-wired each location with Cat 6, Coax, and Speaker wire.  Through detailed floor plans, our Engineers identify the ideal locations for speakers, TVs, projectors, and network devices.  Strategically, we might bury additional wires that will save you time and  money in the future and support the installation of new technology within the space. 

 In order to provide rich and balanced sound throughout the space, we installed pendant speakers that blend in seamlessly with the ceiling aesthetics.  For guests that wish to enjoy their dining experience from the outdoor back patio, we’ve installed surface mounted outdoor rated speakers. 


We’ve installed 7-10 television displays at each Hudson location.  Every TV has its own cable box to provide unique content to each screen.  Whether you’re hoping to catch the big game, local news or your favorite television show – you can find the perfect entertainment experience at The Hudson Café. 

Each television display is strategically located so that guests can enjoy content from any angle.  Displays are horizontally centered, balanced, and located at the ideal vertical height.   


At the Northville location, the back room can be reserved for private events and video screenings!  We installed a short throw projector and a projection screen on a motorized mount.  Content can be streamed from the cable box or can be displayed from any device using the HDMI cable.  And when the event space isn’t being used, the motorized screen can be hidden at the press of a button.   

For this space, it was important to control outdoor lighting so that the projected image can be crisp and visible.  Our team collaborates with other on-site trades to ensure that we are supporting the client's end vision and goals.   

In order to experience quality in the projection space, we’ve installed in-ceiling speakers.  These speakers blend seamlessly within the ceiling tiles and additional wire is buried above the tiles.   


At the front entrance of every space is a vertically mounted television display.  In order to power each vertical display for digital signage, we’ve installed a Bright Sign player.  This Bright Sign device and software allow you to play custom content or playlists across a unique aspect ratio, orientation, or even multiple displays.  Digital signage is a great way to show off your food and beverage menu, promote your specials, or even wet your customer’s appetite! 

Digital Signage is a fantastic option to leverage your existing screens to enhance your customer’s experience.  Consult with our expert staff to discover how digital signage can help you keep things fresh, make dynamic updates, and provide a great visual experience for your customers. 


We installed a robust network to provide fast and stable Internet for The Hudson Cafe’s staff and customers – inside and outside of the space.  Our AV Technicians install a variety of internet access points to boost the wireless internet connection throughout the space. 

In order to help The Hudson Café with their day-to-day operations, we located hard-wired internet jacks to the ideal location for their Point of Sales System.   

With so many audio video options, it can be challenging to decide on the right direction for your space.  But remember, planning for your low voltage infrastructure can save you a ton of time and money in the long run.  Reach out to AV Imagined’s Relationship Managers to align you with the best solution for your business or space.  At AV Imagined, we make technology fun and easy!   


You never truly realize just how beneficial having audio and video in a commercial space until one of those elements is missing.  The ambient music helps to add almost a calm feeling to the environment, it acts as an anchor for guests, replacing any silence that might otherwise fill the space. The same can be said about TVs in a space, giving patrons a place to glance during downtime in conversations helps to ease tension on first dates, even gives someone visiting alone entertainment when needed.