Advantages of using an AV Integrator during New Construction

by Lawrence Walters
AV integrator blog

With any new construction project, there are a million decisions to be made.  And it’s helpful to lean on the experts within their field.  You’ve got the perfect carpenter, electrician, and plumber.  But where do you even begin with your audio-visual technology. 

Planning for your in-home technology can save you a ton of money and provide you with an experience that allows you to enjoy the experience of your home.  Imagine stepping foot into the final finish of your new dream home – just for your internet, speakers, televisions, projectors, power shades, or accent lighting not to work. 

Reach out to our expert at AV Imagined.  Our relationship managers are fantastic at learning about your technological needs and pairing you with the perfect solution.  Additionally, our designer can sit down with you to better understand the structure of your home and to ensure that the technology blends seamlessly with your personality and lifestyle. 

Ideally, our AV Technicians get into the construction site early on -- between rough electrical and drywall, such that we can bury our wire, avoid insulation and final finished walls, and reduce the chance for unwanted interference.  AV Integrators are often forgotten about, until their technology fails.  By collaborating with our team during the new construction phase, we can build you a more stable system, and improve your overall experience and effectiveness of your space.   

Top 5 Advantages of using an AV Integrator during New Construction 

1.  Save Money 

2. Future Proofing 

3. Experience  

4. Integration 

5. Customization 


Including your AV Integrator early in the conversation prior to the construction phase can save you a ton of money.  Once your home has construction framing and basic electrical installed, then it's a perfect time for our AV Technicians to run wire, install low voltage boxes, and bury back boxes to house your technology. 

Remember, preparing the space while it’s wide open is much easier than once the space is closed up.  If our AV Technicians are introduced to the space too late in the process, then our team will have to find the ideal location to penetrate hole(s), run the wire, and clean-up the mess.  This process can be challenging, time-consuming, and costly.  


Understanding how you currently use your technology and how you might use it in the future is very important to saving you money n the long run.  Currently, most low voltage infrastructure is dependent on using Cat 6 or Coax to send data.  As technology requires more bandwidth and as technological costs decrease, we may see new technologies being adapted into homes such as fiber optics.  Consult with our Relationship Manager and Designers to ensure that your home is set up to accommodate future technologies.   

Most modern televisions require a streaming device.  We recommend burying Cat 6 and Coax cables behind each television station.  This will allow your devices to be hard-wired to the network and create a much more stable experience.   

If you’re hoping to hide technology behind a display or create room for future technologies, then metal back boxes are a great way bury technology between the 2x4 studs.  We often house streaming devices, network switches, amplifiers, and a WattBox within these back boxes.  


Experience is key to building out the right AV system for your home.  Our team wants to sit down with you to better understand how you will be using technology within your new dream home.  What experience do you hope to achieve?  How can we blend our technology to fit the aesthetics of your home?  Will you be using the space for music, podcasts, movies, sports, or entertaining guests?    

In the event of a power outage, will your technology reboot properly and simply work as expected?  One of the most common fixes to technology issues is power cycling each device.  Our team highly recommends using a Wattbox to make this reboot process even easier.  We can program the Wattbox to reset each device, in what order, and under various circumstances.  Additionally, or team can login on the backend to ensure that a power outlet is working, or to manually power cycle the device remotely, without having to physically be on site at your location.   

If you are looking for peace of mind with your home technology, ask us about our Imagination Plan.  We offer 24/7 phone support, email, text, chat, and app support.   


Will your technology be integrated with other technology systems?  Maybe you want whole home audio, motorized shade controls, or accent lighting all controllable from your iPad.  Or maybe you want the technology to be programmed for a particular zone or moment of the day. 

Ask our Relationship Manager about all the integration options available for your system! Our programmers are excited to pair you with an integrated system that makes your technology fun and easy!  


Customization allows you to trick out a space to fit your personality or aesthetic. 

Imagine walking into your favorite morning space and saying, “Good Morning”.  Without pressing any button, the motorized shades open, accent lighting turns on, and your favorite playlist ques up on your audio system!   

Imagine walking into theater space and saying, “Play ball”.  The overhead lights dim, projector screen lowers, accent lighting illuminates your favorite team colors, and the projector ques up your favorite sports channel.   

Once your space is customized to your fullest entertainment experience, now all you need is your favorite snack and beverage!