Large Displays, Video Walls, Digital Signage, and Projectors - Oh My!

by Lawrence Walters
Vertical Digital Signage

Deciding on the right technology, brand, and model can be a huge challenge – with so many options, where do you even begin?  

For the right space, a large video display can be a great tool for entertainment, branding, or even displaying valuable day-to-day information or branding.  So you’ve got the right space, now what technology fits your goals the best?   

Our expert staff at AV Imagined can pair you with the perfect solution for your space:  


Top Considerations for Large Video Displays 

1.  Large Video Display Options 

2.  Wall Mount Options  

3.  Powering the Content 

4.  Custom Content  

5.  Bezel Size 

6.  Cost 



Large video displays can be created by using one large display, multiple displays, or even a projector.  Each option has its own pros and cons that include bezel options and costs associated.   

One large display on the surface seems the simplest.  However, the larger the display the more expensive it can cost.  Typically, this is due to the size of the glass and how the TV will be shipped.   

Multiple displays can cut down costs compared to the required glass size of singular large display.  However, multiple displays will require more wall mounts, labor, and might require more technology to power the content.  

A projector is a fantastic option for a dark or controllable lighting zone.  Projectors can be challenging if a space is too bright, has too many windows, or not enough space.  For smaller rooms that might not have enough space for a traditional projector – short throw projectors allow you to project an image at a much shorter distance to the projector screen itself.  Projectors will also require a projection screen and a mounting system to hold the projector.  Projectors require some additional labor to dial in the projected image and ensure that it's parallel and level to the screen. 


Single video displays only require one mount – a fixed, tilt, or articulating mount.   

If you’re hoping to build a video wall with multiple displays, then digital signage video wall mounts are a great option.  They allow you to retract each mount individually, which can save a massive amount of labor on installation, service, and managing the technology behind the displays. 

Projector screens mount direct to the wall.  If you’re looking to hide speakers behind the projection screen, there are a variety of perforated screen options.  Projectors are often mounted from the ceiling or are housed on a shelf in the back of the theater room. 



It’s important that your displays are powered by the right technology.  For single video displays and projectors, a Roku, Apple TV, Fire Stick, or Comcast cable box are a great option for video streaming.   

If you’d display one image across multiple displays or display multiple images across one display, then Bright Sign, Control 4, or a tiler might be a great solution for your content needs.   



What type of content do you plan on displaying on your new video wall?   

Most users love to stream video content across YouTube or Netflix.  Custom content is a great way to show off your branding into your space.  For AV Imagine’s showroom, we love showcasing videos that transport our customers to experience our favorite audio-visual installations.   

If you're looking to customize your content, reach out to a freelance graphic designer, photographer, videographer, or motion graphic designer to created branded colors, logos, photography, and video. 

If you’re displaying menus, specials, promotions, or any other rotating content – the beautiful thing about digital signage is that it can be updated digitally instead of requiring a printer. 



Video displays offer various bezel sizes and trim options.  It’s important to be aware of the bezel thickness, especially for multiple displays.  If you’re going to display one image across multiple displays, beware of where the bezel might create a line across your image.  For example, if you are planning on using the video wall for people-based videos, communicate with the video producers so that the final videos don’t have a line cutting through your content. 



When considering large video wall options, wall mounts, powering the technology, custom content, and bezels -- please reach out to our helpful Relationship Managers.  They are experts in learning about your space, educating you on your options, and recommending the best AV solution for your goals! 

Large video walls can be a huge investment.  But they can also serve a great purpose – such as supporting branding, sales, and displaying important day-to-day information.  It can be challenging to identify the right solution, gameplan, and install the technology.  Reach out to AV Imagined to make your technology experience fun and easy!  

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