Basements and Their Tech Potential

by G.S. Stuteville
Basement Entertainment System

Basements and Their Tech Potential

Elevate the space below


Maybe it’s been there your whole life, maybe it’s new to you, or maybe it’s just time for a makeover. The basement has been an important aspect of American culture since they were nothing more than storage for coal, and firewood. As you grew up it was a place to play; over time maybe a place to store memories, obsolete cable boxes, and that lamp you just can’t throw away. But now it’s time for that basement to become your refuge. 

Do you want your basement to be a place for friends to gather, a sanctuary of cinema? With a plethora of projector screens, and ultra-thin high-resolution televisions to choose from. We can transform a wall with incredible products that we will spec based on the room’s construction; and of course, the nature of the experience you wish to create. Does your space have windows that bleed light when you wish to watch? We’ve got you covered with automated shades and exclusive projector screen materials that optimize the light of your space. 

There are more than a few basements out there waiting to transform into the finest listening experience in your neighborhood. Maybe you want to connect your vinyl, streaming, and video audio through a small fleet of discrete full-range ceiling speakers? Or perhaps you’d like to stash bespoke multi- driver speakers into the walls themselves? If space isn’t a concern, we can provide any other array of bookshelf or floor speakers; we have a deep suite of items available with the audiophile in mind. Whatever will best suit the space and your dreams, we will go to exhaustive lengths to provide clean installations that will allow you to enjoy your audio exactly how you hear it in your head. 

Especially in these chilly months we all need a warm den. To make our modern dens decidedly cozy we love to offer options that automate lights, and simplify the operation of in-home tech. Perhaps you’d like to read and relax in a portion of the basement? At a word or tap of a screen have the lights transform, and your favorite, chill music seep from above. The best reading nook can appear in your home; all while the Lions game plays in a theatre next door, and you adjust the lights and lock the doors upstairs. Let the snow roll in while you weather the storm in your space that we help elevate to your aspirations. 

For many basements space may be at an extreme premium. And when morphing your room, we look for any number of solutions to make our installations seamless. We can install flush wall mounts, recess T.V.’s onto a wall directly, and hide that work in a manner that will allow you to enjoy premium experiences in your own home. We’ve all suffered agitation by a mess of cables, tripping over speakers, and messy media centers. Let us provide solutions tailored to your space. At AV Imagined we’re invested in bringing the experience you want to life.




  • G. S. Stuteville