Top Technology Improvements for Your Business in 2024

by Lawrence Walters
New Year 2024

As a business owner, there are so many decisions to make day to day.  It’s the New Year, and it’s important to invest your time and your money wisely to support your business into the future.   

As you make the investment in technology upgrades, consult with your accountant to ensure that your technology can be written off as a tax write-off.   Our experts at AV Imagined want to align you with the best bang-for-buck technology this 2024. 

Top 5 Home Commercial Improvements: 

1.  Add More Audio 

2.  Add more Entertainment  

3.  Branding with Digital Signage  

4. Lighting Control 

5. Motorized Shades 


There are a variety of speaker options that can provide you with an improved audio experience at your business.  In-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers, and pendant ceiling speakers are a great option to expand your auditory experience.   

If you have an outdoor space for your business, outdoor speakers are a great option because they are rated to withstand the Earth’s elements.  Portable speakers are a great option if you would like a mobile option that can entertain outdoors as well as indoors.  

For conference and meeting spaces, investing in premium microphones such as boundary or omnidirectional microphones can improve meetings and the client experience.  Reach out to our experts at AV Imagined to pair you with the perfect audio experience. 



Adding more television displays or projectors can bring a space to life!  These displays can be used for so many day-to-day applications – watching entertainment, news and weather, displaying key information, shared calendars, and even displaying your branding or videos. 

Displays come in a variety of options – materials, trimmed edge, sizes, mounting styles, indoor and outdoor.  There are also various projector options – short throw or standard, HD or 4K, hidden cabinet style, and varying brightnesses.   

Conference room displays, webcams, and microphones are a great option to enhance a conference room experience.  Ensure that your staff is ready to take on the New Year! 


Digital Signage allows you to brand your business on television displays, projectors, and tablets.  Whether you’d like to display your food and beverage menu, promote a special, company calendar, or even a video or photo slideshow of your team and proudest work!    

Digital Signage is a fantastic option to leverage your existing technology to enhance your customer’s experience.  Digital Signage content is a great way to keep things fresh, make updates, and create a dynamic visual experience. 

Most television displays are set up as a horizontal 16:9 ratio image.  Television displays can be set up as a portrait style 9:16 image.  This orientation is great for displaying menu items, portraits, and other vertically oriented content.   

If you’re looking to make a bigger impression on your audience, you can leverage digital signage across various screens or projectors to create a larger-than-life experience.  For example, one of our clients wants their brewery’s interior to be viewable from the streets of downtown Detroit.  Our solution is to install a large video wall comprised of 3x3 4K displays with revolving and dynamic content.   

Consult with our expert staff to discover how digital signage can take your space to the next level! 


Lighting control is a wonderful way to accent your existing space with a splash of color and light.  Accent lighting is commonly used in a variety of spaces – kitchen shelving, undercabinet lighting, or even to highlight an art piece.   

Lighting control is a great way to control your space from the touch of a mobile device, keypad, or even remotely.  Lighting can be used to automatically turn on or turn off various zones of your space.  Lighting control can significantly cut down on your company’s energy consumption and save you money on utilities. 

And don’t forget about your exterior space!  Lighting can be a great way to enhance your outdoor space and even make it more welcoming. 

With lighting control, you can program a room to have various actions triggered at the press of a button.  Imagine walking into your living room, pressing the “Theater” button, and simultaneously the lighting dims, automated shades drop down, the television turns on, and ques up Netflix!   

Ask our Relationship Managers how lighting control can be customized to transform your space. 



Motorized shades are a great solution to create privacy, control heat, and sunlight.  This is a wonderful way to enhance a space and make it even more comfortable.  Many spaces can benefit from motorized shades -- conference rooms, offices, theaters, and even exterior rooms.   

Motorized shades can be programmed in tandem with lighting control to provide a premium experience.  Ask our experts at AV Imaged how motorized shades can be leveraged to enhance a space. 

We’ve all heard of New Years resolutions.  This New Year, treat your business well with technological improvements that are sure to make a big impression on your customers, clients, and your bottom line!