All I Want for the Holidays is My Home Technology to Work!

by Lawrence Walters
AV Imagined Team Photo

The holidays are here, and there's nothing quite like the comfort and joy of your home during this festive season. Maybe you’re looking for the perfect technology gift for the holidays.  Or maybe you’re looking to invest in some home technology before the end of the fiscal year.  Regardless, our expert staff at AV Imagined wants to gift you and your family with the knowledge to improve your home technology.   

Top 5 Home Technology Improvements:  

1.  Increase your Internet Speed

2.  Add More Music 

3.  Watch More Entertainment 

4.  Festive Lighting Control 

5.  Automated Shades 

What happens when your home technology isn't keeping up with the holiday spirit? Fear not! This holiday season let's deck the halls with upgrades to make your home technology shine as bright as the holiday lights. 


Slow internet speeds can turn even the most cheerful holiday movie streaming into a frustrating experience. This year, consider upgrading your internet plan or investing in a better router to ensure seamless connectivity for all your holiday streaming, video calls, and online gaming needs. After all, what's better than streaming your favorite classic holiday movies without buffering interruptions? 

Internet speeds can be affected by my many variables – wired or wireless, distance travelled, and the density of materials that the signal must pass through. Our AV Technicians can improve your signal by extending the reach using a combination of wired connections and various wireless boosters.   

Contact our Relationship Managers to discover an in-depth plan of how we can improve your home internet speeds.  This holiday season stay better connected with the ones you love – with a strong robust Internet connection that reaches every corner of your home. 


Music is the heart of any celebration, and expanding your home's audio system can elevate the holiday ambiance.  With customizable playlists and crystal-clear sound, your holiday parties will be filled with joyous melodies. 

Whole home audio is a wonderful home technology experience!  Imagine walking throughout your entire home experiencing balanced and crisp audio of your favorite holiday song or podcast.   

Your home audio experience can often be improved by adding more speakers throughout the home, isolating various listening zones, adding speakers to your outdoor space, and even adding portable listening options.   

Reach out to our expert staff can pair you with the perfect custom audio solution for your home.  


Enhance your home entertainment by adding more TV displays strategically around your space. Whether you’re watching sports, classic holiday movies, or playing video games, having multiple screens ensures everyone gets a front-row seat for the holiday fun. 

There are a variety of television display options, projectors, and mounts available to custom fit your space.  Frame televisions are a great option if you’d like to display digital artwork on a matte display.  Outdoor televisions are bright enough to battle against the sun’s intensity and robust enough to withstand nature’s elements.  Projectors are a wonderful option to transform a space into a theater viewing experience. 

Fixed or tilt mounts are the most common television mounts.  Articulating mounts allow you to position a display against a wall or extend it outward to a more visible viewing angle.  

If you’re looking to upgrade your gathering space for the holidays, please reach out to our expert staff to pair you with the perfect entertainment option. 


Transform your home into a winter wonderland with the right lighting design and control. Smart lighting systems allow you to set the perfect ambiance with customizable colors and brightness levels. Create a cozy atmosphere for a quiet evening by the fireplace or set the stage for a lively holiday party with vibrant, dynamic lighting. 

Accent lighting can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen, living space, office, or bedrooms.  Control your room’s brightness, color, and warmth levels all from your mobile app or even a wall control. 

Instead of decking your halls this holiday season, contact AV Imagined to discover how you can bring your space to life and change the vibe of a room all from the control of your mobile device. 


Give your home a touch of modern elegance and convenience with automated shades. These shades not only add a stylish flair but also offer privacy, energy efficiency, and convenience at the touch of a button. Set schedules to open and close them automatically or control them remotely from your smartphone making your home more comfortable and welcoming during the holiday season. 

This holiday, make a wish for your home technology to work seamlessly, allowing you to focus on creating magical moments with loved ones. With these top five technology improvements your home will be the ultimate holiday destination, filled with joy, entertainment, and comfort. May your holidays be merry and your technology troubles be few! 

And if you do have technology challenges during the holidays, contact your local technology experts at AV Imagined!  From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!